If You Are Looking for Corporate Housing in Belmont, California, It’s a Tough Job

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Belmont is one of the jewels of the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a “small town” with a population of only about 27,000, but very affluent and convenient to everything on the Peninsula. Finding corporate housing in Belmont isn’t easy.If you’re looking for Belmont, CA, corporate housing, however, you’ll run right into the Bay Area housing crisis. You have got your work cut out, we can tell you.

The problem is that the Bay Area simply doesn’t have enough housing for all the people who want to come and live here. Of itself, that does tend to keep people away, but there are also people who have to come to the Bay Area for work purposes, maybe only for a few weeks or a few months, and they also need somewhere to live while they are here. Of course, if they are on a short-term visit, they won’t want to live in anywhere but the best properties in the nicest areas, which is why people visiting Silicon Valley choose places such as Belmont in the first place.

You Could Stay In A Hotel in Belmont (Not Fun)

Of course, you could always choose to stay in a hotel, but the fact is that there are not very many hotels in Belmont itself, and even so, do you want to stay in a hotel for weeks on end? You would be stuck in a cramped room living out of a suitcase, which is no fun at all.

Not only that, when you live in a hotel for any length of time, everything is so expensive. Getting your laundry done, parking, restaurant meals, and as for the bar bill…………….! The problem with hotels is that they know that they’ve got you trapped so they can pretty much charge what they like. One of the hotels in Belmont is charging over $300 a night. How much does that work out at if you have to stay for three months?

This is why people look for Belmont, CA, corporate housing instead, and also why it is so hard to find. However, at Key Housing, we’ve got you covered. We have a number of property owners in Belmont who ask us to rent out their properties because it is so much easier for them. They don’t need to advertise, so that saves them money, and we organise everything for them. We have a steady stream of visitors who need Belmont, CA, corporate housing which keeps our property owners happy too.

So the simple answer is that, if you are looking for short-term corporate housing in Belmont, CA, you need to talk to us here at Key Housing. We can help you.

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