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Agoura Hills Short Term Rentals

Although beautiful, short term rentals in Agoura Hills can be hard to find. The experts at Key Housing can assist you in getting into the perfect temporary housing.  Whether it’s corporate housing or a serviced or furnished apartment, our expert can do the heavy lifting to help you find one fast. Perched on the western edge of  Los Angeles County in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, the city is located just forty-five minutes from busy downtown Los Angeles, but is nevertheless rich with undulating hills and inspiring canyons.


For many centuries the area that would become the area was familiar territory for Native Americans who wandered inland from their haunts along the sea in search of game and other food.

The permanent arrival of the Spanish in the late 1700s banished the Indians from their homes and introduced a ranching culture that would linger into the early twentieth century. In the 1900s, vast cattle and sheep ranches conceded ground to rows of lettuce and celery, orchards, and wheatfields.

Ranching and agriculture eventually diminished in importance. Ranchers began dividing up their property and selling individual tracts for housing. From the outset, ranchers and farmers had worried about water supplies and these concerns were shared by local citizens. Discovery of water helped ensure the growth of the community, aided by the new highways which acted as a conduit for fresh faces and commercial development and contributed to the maturation of the area.


Key Housing leads the industry in finding Agoura Hills corporate housing. Whether you are looking for a services apartment, a short term rental, or an extended stay in Agoura Hills, let our experts help you find those hard-to-find short term rentals. Click or call 800-989-0410 for help.

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  • 1-Bedroom Starts At $4,527/Per Month
The Lexington Corporate Rental-Sample Image of Agoura Hills CA Insurance Housing

The Lexington Agoura Hills

  • 1-Bedroom Starts At $4,527/Per Month
30856 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA
  • Corporate Housing, Furnished Rental
  • 1-Bedroom Starts At $4,936/Per Month

Avalon Oak Creek

  • 1-Bedroom Starts At $4,936/Per Month
29128 Oak Creek Ln, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA
  • Furnished Apartment, Serviced Apartment

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