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Santa Ana Is Often Visited by Europeans Who Need Accommodation

Santa Ana is a city in California that is about 32 miles south-east of Los Angeles, and as such is often visited by Europeans who come to work in Los Angeles for a few months or even a year, but who don’t want to live in the big city itself. Santa Ana is quite large, with a population of 335,000, but is not as “busy” as it is in LA, which is the reason so many people choose it....

Key Housing, the Leader in SoCal Corporate Housing, Announces ‘Moda’ Wins Designation as Southern California Featured Listing for June 2021

Monrovia, California - May 20, 2021. Key Housing, a corporate housing service serving California from Eureka to San Diego is proud to announce its Southern California designee to be the 'Moda at Monrovia Station.' Located at 228 West Pomona Avenue in Monrovia, the complex sports all the amenities that a busy business traveler might want....

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