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Short Term Rentals in Paso Robles

This wonderful community in located in San Luis Obispo County, but it can be hard to find short term rentals in Paso Robles. Whether you’re looking for furnished housing, corporate housing, or what is called “extended stay,” our experts can help you. We have the pulse of the local housing market, and know where hard-to-find rental housing is located.


The City of is located in the northern part of San Luis Obispo County on the original trail chosen by the Franciscan Friars which was known as the King’s Highway, or the El Camino Real. One of the historic El Camino bells hangs in the City Park.

The early history of the area was known to the Indians and the Mission Fathers as the Springs, or the Hot Springs, because of the many hot mineral springs in the area.

Before the Mission Era, the area was inhabited for thousands of years by the Salinan Indians.

The Paso de Robles Land Grant of six leagues (25,933.18 acres), was purchased by brothers Daniel and James Blackburn and Lazarus Godchaux on August 1, 1857 from Petronilo Rios. Daniel became the owner of the one league of land which became the town as we know it today, west of the Salinas River. The other two owners preferred the open land of five leagues for raising cattle and sheep.


Major Employers in Paso Robles include CA Division of Juvenile Justice, Glenair Inc., Avalara and more!

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  • 1-Bedroom Starts At $4,395/Per Month

Blue Oak

  • 1-Bedroom Starts At $4,395/Per Month
710 Experimental Station Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, USA
  • Furnished Rental, Serviced Apartment

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