Corporate Housing in Sacramento Near the Capitol Is Always a Hot Topic

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California is a popular spot for national conferences and conventions. Sacramento is doubly busy as the state capitol and a political town. Lobbyists and political leaders frequently descend upon the city during peak convention times. corporate housing in SacramentoIt creates a real crunch for nearby hotels already booked to the gills with other visitors. Getting squeezed between political conventions in Sacramento and pharmaceutical sales teams might be too much for a busy political professional. Modernly furnished corporate housing in Midtown Sacramento can allow a visitor room to breathe.

Like other cities, housing is a big topic in Sacramento, but corporate housing is doing quite well. As denser housing is being built in Midtown Sacramento, several new, chic housing for extended-stay guests have been added. What’s great about this option is visitors can genuinely live like the locals and have walkable access to the best eating, shopping, and activities in Sactown.

One perk to extended-stay visits is exploring the city during off-hours. Unfortunately stuck in a hotel with a tiny kitchenette doesn’t provide the entire “local” experience. Midtown corporate housing offers a full kitchen and easy access to local produce. For instance, someone who prefers to cook at home most nights would appreciate Midtown’s 16Powerhouse location ( It’s across the street from John C. Fremont park, where there’s a regular Farmer’s Market Tuesdays from 10 am – 2 pm ( Vendors offer locally-grown products like honey, spices, fruit, vegetables, eggs, and meat. It’s easy to cook a healthy meal in a fully stocked modern kitchen.


And if fine dining with clients is essential, several excellent restaurants are steps away. A political lobbyist ready to impress can book a nearby Supper Club ( with an award-winning executive chef and savvy cocktail mixologist. If it’s time for lunch after a meeting at the capitol? It’s a short walk to a top brewhouse ( offering local craft beers and hearty food.

And believe it or not, the capitol itself is a great place to step away from “political business.” Visitors can reflect on the state’s rich history at the California Capitol Museum. Or literally “smell the roses” in the garden at Capitol Park.

Activities, food, and culture abound near Sacramento’s state capitol! Visitors on political business can experience the authentic Sactown vibes in corporate housing near the capitol.

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