Europeans Assigned To Extended Stay in the San Francisco Bay Area Can Still Find Peace of Mind

The world-renown city of San Francisco is a hub for international business. European executives frequently fly over because sometimes, you need to “be there” to move a project along. And although the Bay Area is home to beautiful vistas, five-star dining, and top-class cultural activities, it can feel crowded and overwhelming. Corporate housing is far better than staying in a hotelEven a savvy city dweller needs a break to re-focus and recharge.

When handling business in San Francisco, a Brit may appreciate a calmer atmosphere to rest their head at the end of the day. The Island of Alameda is unique in its location. It’s a short ferry ride away to the city of San Francisco, but it seems miles away from the noise and crowds.


The term “Island Time” describes a low-key attitude about schedules. Sometimes you show up a little late; sometimes, you don’t need to show up at all. That’s not the normal behavior of a successful executive! But we understand European professionals take their private time as seriously as they do their work hours. Expectations are just as high for leisurely activities and must be easy to access. There are several serviced apartments in Alameda, California, to meet these needs, and the South Shore Apartments ( are one great example.

Located on the south side of Alameda, the serviced apartments provide clean and modern décor near the water. Travelers can unwind at the on-site sauna, spa, and clubhouse. Biking is a popular activity too. European can enjoy the ocean air with a brisk ride along the Alameda Island bike trails. And if antiquing is a passion, the Alameda Antiques Faire is located nearby at Old Alameda Point.

Brits and other European executives can be very sincere about their commitment to a work trip. If an extended-stay British visitor prefers a more relaxed setting away from the noise of city life, a serviced apartment on the island of Alameda, California, is a terrific option.

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