Corporate Rentals Are Difficult to Find in Newport Beach, CA

It can be difficult to find corporate rentals in Newport Beach.

So here you are, being sent to Newport Beach, CA, by your company on business for the next several weeks. Or even months. Forgive us while we attempt to feel sorry for you. On the one hand, you are going to one of California’s most beautiful, most iconic communities. #FUN! It can be difficult to find corporate rentals in Newport Beach.

On the other hand, you have to try to find Newport Beach corporate rentals, which is really, really hard. Well, you don’t want to live in a hotel for the next however many weeks or months, do you? Living in a tiny hotel bedroom with nothing for company but a TV and mini bar? How would you do your laundry? Can you park free of charge or does the hotel charge extra? What about WiFi? Some hotels even charge extra for an internet connection for heaven’s sake! Grrrr!

So, the answer is Newport Beach corporate rentals. A temporary home of your own away from home.

But hang on, we hear you say. Finding corporate rentals in a city like Newport Beach can be tricky. And that’s absolutely true. It is. If you are an outsider and the only place you can look is online ads like Craigslist, or buy the local paper. And you are not going to find a lot of options there.

However, at Key Housing we have the solution that you need. Our business is providing visitors to Newport Beach – and across the whole of California – with corporate rentals for short term stays, and we have been doing it since 1992. That’s 30 years.

What that means is that we have corporate rentals, including Newport Beach

, that you cannot find anywhere else.

OK, we would say that, wouldn’t we?

It’s True

But it’s true. Because we have been in this industry for so many years, we have built up a company of happy property owners who only let their properties through us. It suits them perfectly, because it means that they don’t need to spend money advertising their properties anywhere else because we keep them filled with tenants on a rolling basis. As one renter moves out, we have another one ready to move in. So, they simply don’t NEED to advertise.

Those in the know who need temporary housing anywhere in California come direct to us because we have the properties that others don’t. Including in Newport Beach. Let’s face it, it is a very popular city and lots of people come here both for work and for breaks. That is why there are very few advertised online or locally.

Our system works on a win-win-win basis. Our clients win because we keep their properties filled. You win because we can provide what you need. And we win because it keeps our business healthy as well. What’s not to like?

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