If You Are Visiting SF on Business, You May Want to Stay Outside the City

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Many people come to San Francisco on business as it is a big city and has a lot going on. They may just stay for a couple of days in which case a hotel is the most convenient. However, if you are visiting San Francisco for a couple of weeks or more, which many people do, you will doubtless look for short-term housing.Daly City is a good place to stay when working in SF and searching for corporate housing.

It is just so much better than being stuck in a small hotel bedroom and trying to live out of a suitcase. Not only that, after a week or two, a hotel can become very boring. The dinner menu is the same for each day of the week, so you can tell what day it is without checking a calendar but just by looking at the menu! And as for the prices! Everything is an “extra”.

When you use short-term housing, it is like living in your own home away from home. You come and go as you please, cook dinner when you want, and of course, you don’t pay hotel prices but just shop as you normally would.

But a lot of San Francisco visitors who have to work in the city don’t want to live there. There’s just too much hustle and bustle, non-stop traffic, and constant background noise. At Key Housing Connections we have alternatives for you, such as Daly City short-term housing.

Only 15 Minutes By Car from San Francisco

Daly City is a bedroom community to the Southwest of San Francisco and is perfect for working in SF because the trip is less than 15 minutes in the car. It also has some great beaches to relax on (except when there’s fog, of course!). In fact, Daly City’s short term housing gives you that urban vibe that you are probably used to in your own home.

If you are a golfer, there are several golf courses that straddle the boundary between Daly City and SF. If you are into hang gliding or paragliding, you can go to Thornton Beach. There is also the Cow Palace Arena which hosts the annual Grand National Rodeo, Horse, and Stock Show, and it has also held the NBA finals, some hockey teams, two Republican National Conventions, and concerts by, among others, the Beatles.

Daly City is also a mecca for shopping because many big box retailers who cannot or don’t want to operate in SF have opened stores here, and there is plenty of free parking. Yes, free!

If you would consider Daly City short term housing, then give us a call and we will find you the home that you need.

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