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Pasadena is the home of CalTech and The Big Bang Theory but Pasadena corporate rentals are hard to find. Indeed, it’s so tough going that although the guys in The Big Bang Theory live in Pasadena the actual location filming is done in Burbank!Pasadena Corporate Housing


Pasadena is an extremely popular city in which to live and it has a lot going for it including the annual Tour of Roses Parade held on January 1st (or 2nd as it was this year because the 1st fell on a Sunday) which is viewed by a million people over its’ five mile route. There is also the historic Rose Bowl Stadium which hosts many games of soccer and concerts by artistes such as Beyonce. Next door to the Stadium is the Aquatic Center and the Tennis Center.

Flea Market

The Rose Bowl also hosts the Rose Bowl Flea Market in its grounds on the second Sunday of every month. Thousands of dealers have antiques, vintage clothing, and California pottery for sale to the tens of thousands of visitors that are attracted.

Down in the Old Town there is a wide range of cafes, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs, and an upmarket shopping mall – Paseo Colorado – which is designed like an urban village.

The city has a number of museums and art galleries including the Norton Simon Museum which has a wide collection of European paintings and a sculpture garden. Pasadena Museum of History is set in two acres of grounds and includes the Finnish Folk Art Museum and Fenyes Mansion which was built in 1906. There is also the Pacific Asia Museum, The Pasadena Museum of California Art, The Armory Center for the Arts, and the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Brookside Park, among others.

Famous Residents of Pasadena, California

Famous residents of Pasadena include William Wrigley Jnr of chewing gum fame, David Gamble – son of James Gamble of Proctor and Gamble – L. Ron Hubbard, Edwin Hubble (Hubble telescope), Phil Spector, and a whole host of actors, musicians, athletes, and football players, among many others.

So Pasadena is a big city with a lot going on, and finding Pasadena corporate rentals can be very hard to do if you are not well acquainted with it. However, if you are going to stay in Pasadena for any length of time, on business or for pleasure, you will be pleased to know that Key Housing staff have their ears to the ground and know how to find the very rental that you are looking for wherever you need to be. Just give us a call on (800) 989 – 0410, tell us the Pasadena corporate rentals that you want, and we will come up with the perfect solution.

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