If You’re Coming To Long Beach On Business, It’s Nice To Be Near The Beach

If your company has sent you to Long Beach for a long stay, the chances are that you won’t want to live in some antiseptic hotel where the price of drinks and meals is through the roof, there are all sorts of extra expenses, and you are expected to give tips on top of all that.Long Beach Corporate Housing

Far better to stay in Long Beach corporate housing where you can live your life as you normally would at home and it costs much less. Of course, finding temporary housing in a strange city can be a very hit and miss affair and you might well finish up with something that is not ideal because you either ran out of options or patience or both.

That’s Where We Come In: We Find Long Beach Corporate Housing for You!

That’s where we come in at Key Housing Connections. The accent is on the word “connections” and we have a lot of them. This means that we have property owners on our books that are exclusive to us and who you won’t find by doing a search on Google. They come to us because they know that we will find them temporary tenants fast, which is a win-win situation for them and for you. They keep their properties full for more of the time and you find your dream temporary housing Long Beach without doing any of the leg work. All you need to do is to give us a call on (800) 989-0410, tell us what you want and how long you need to stay, and let us find you the right property in the right place at the right price.

You’ll love to live in Long Beach and you might want a place near the beach. It is actually long, and has a great selection of bars, restaurants, and sun beds for its’ full length.

Long Beach is the third largest city in Southern California (after Los Angeles and San Diego) with a population of about 475,000, and there is plenty of entertainment for you to enjoy during your stay when you are not in the office. The city is designated as the Aquatic Capital of America with ideal off-shore sailing waters, and has produced world record holders in diving, swimming, rowing, and water polo.


There are several museums, and the city is known for street art. The Whaling Wall by the artist Wyland at the Long Beach Sports Arena is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest mural in the world.

There are several theaters, and Long Beach is also host to several long-running music festivals including the Bob Marley Reggae Festival, the jazz festival, the blues festival, and the Brazilian Street Carnival in September. You can also visit the former Cunard liner Queen Mary which is now a hotel and maritime museum.

Then there is the Long Beach Grand Prix, the Marathon, baseball, basketball, water-skiing, rugby union, archery, and a whole lot more to enjoy.

So there is plenty for you to do when you are not chained to the office desk. For your temporary housing Long Beach here’s that number again: (800) 989-0410.

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