Corporate Rentals In The Bay Area – Cheaper Than A Hotel And Just Like Home!

It is simply a fact that if you need to stay in the Bay Area for any length of time, or if you need to send employees to live and work here, then Bay Area corporate rentals will cost far less than staying in hotels. In recent years, the cost of staying in a hotel here has gone through the roof. It’s not just the cost of the room – it’s all the other expenses. Meals and drinks are all designed to add to the hotel’s profit, whereas you can pop down to the shops and buy everything you need and cook it yourself if you are staying in a corporate rental.

Virtually Everything You Will Need in Corporate Housing for the Bay Area

Corporate Rentals In The Bay AreaFurthermore, you’ll find that our Bay Area corporate rentals include virtually everything you will need during your stay here in the same way that you have everything to hand at home. However, if you stay in a hotel they will charge you extra for practically everything. Internet connection? Extra. Car parking? Extra. Laundry? Extra. Pets? Extra – and that’s even if you are allowed to bring them with you.

Then there is the sheer feeling of isolation. After a week or two in a hotel you get to feel as though you are on a desert island. While they may change the menu from day to day they don’t change it from week to week. “Oh heck! It’s Thursday again. I’m sick of steak chasseur!” So you go and eat out at a restaurant. That’s fine, except that they have to make a profit too, so your meals cost you an arm and a leg. A perfectly good $5 bottle of claret is going to cost you $20. And then you crawl back to your hotel room where there’s just you and the TV for company.

Like Living At Home: A Corporate Rental is Fun!

But if you use Bay Area corporate rentals it’s just like living at home. You can invite the neighbors around for a BBQ and you can go round to theirs. You can do your own cooking and your own laundry, saving a small fortune in the process. Wi-Fi is standard and you won’t get charged for parking your car on the driveway. In most cases you can bring your pets

Corporate rentals in the Bay Area are really just a home away from home. You can specify anything that you require and in the majority of cases we will be able to provide it. Five minutes’ walk from the office? Yes, probably. Big yard with a pool? Sure. Maid service to do the cleaning? That can be arranged. All the comforts of home and at far less cost than a hotel. What could be better than that? Oh, and many are close to BART, the Bay Area’s superb rapid transit system.

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