Sacramento Is A Busy City, But We Know The Best Corporate Housing

Sacramento is a busy city and the sixth largest in California with a population just shy of half a million. Sacramento Corporate RentalsIt is also the State center of government and capital of California, and is located at the junction of two of the busiest highways in North America – Interstate 80 running east and west, and Interstate 5 running north and south. In addition, it is at the confluence of the American River and the Sacramento River.

If you are coming to Sacramento on business and need to stay for any length of time, or if you are the CEO of a business and need to send members of your staff to stay here, the most cost effective way to do so is to take advantage of our Sacramento corporate housing service.

Far Less Expensive Than A Hotel: Corporate Housing Options

This is far less expensive than staying in a hotel, particularly if it is for a period of several weeks or even months. When you stay in a hotel it is not just the cost of the room that is involved – it’s everything else which builds up the cost to sky high proportions. Meals in the hotel dining room, drinks at the bar, laundry, all cost far more than eating at home or doing your own laundry. Then there are all the other extras: you get charged for everything that a hotel can charge you for. Wi-Fi, car parking, room service – you name it and they charge for it. Not only that, you are expected to give the staff tips on top of it all!

But probably an even more important reason to use our Sacramento corporate housing service is the fact that it is like a home from home. Hotels are so impersonal, even if you do get to know some of the staff. After a couple of weeks you begin to feel isolated from the rest of the world, because even if you get to know another guest quite well they’ll be gone by the end of next week and you are on your own again.

Wide Choice Of Properties in Sacramento

With our Sacramento corporate housing service you get to stay in a house or apartment and you can meet your neighbors. You don’t get charged for parking your car. Wi-Fi is provided. You can choose from our wide range of different properties, so you can have a home with a large garden and a pool if you want it. You can buy all your own food and drink and cook your own meals as you would at home. You can bring your pets. You can even have friends and family over to stay if the property you choose has a spare bedroom.

So not only is our corporate housing service more user friendly than a hotel, but you will save a considerable amount of money as well. What could be better?

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