Cupertino Corporate Housing: Like Living in a Theme Park?

Quiz time! Cupertino, California is famous for which resident? Stop and think for a moment, I’ll wait… If you said Charlie Tagawa, an immigrant Japanese musician and National Banjo Hall of Fame inductee, then all I can say is that either you are Steven Martin (also a notable banjo player) or that you march to the tune of a different drummer (strummer?). Everyone else said Steven Jobs of course. He worked and lived here, Apple Computer’s corporate headquarters is in Cupertino still. Steve never needed Cupertino corporate housing, he had his own fairly modest house here.

Cupertino Corporate Housing: It’s the Apple of Your Eye

But if work to Apple or some either high-technology company brings you to Cupertino, or some nearby Silicon Valley city, you may find that Cupertino corporate housing fits the bill nicely. Everything about the city screams (in a quiet kind of way) “Nice.” Almost everything in Cupertino was built post-WWII, and most of that in the 1970’s or later, so the city has a fresh feel. The public spaces are immaculately groomed, and everyone you meet is hapCupertino Furnished Rentalspy, because the city is such a darned nice place to live! So enjoyable, you might decide to extend your stay.

The Italian Connection Cupertino

Is there any history to be found here at all? Yes, in a way, there’s an Italian connection. If the phrase “Italian connection” make you think of organized crime and you wonder if the property manager at your Cupertino corporate housing is going to “make you an offer you can’t refuse,”, sorry to disappoint. What actually happened is that a cartographer in the Spanish exploration party named the area after an Italian saint, Joseph of Cupertino, who was in turn named after the village Copertino. So there you go, a dose of history!

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