Your Choices in San Diego Corporate Housing: Considering Nearby Clairemont as an Alternative

San Diego is pretty much universally acknowledged to be an excellent place to live. With Summer, 2016, upon us, we wanted to share some tips and insights on finding San Diego corporate housing.Remember, first of all, that summer is peak season in San Diego, so “think out of the box.” But every person’s needs are different, and maybe you don’t want to be located right in the middle of San Diego proper. Possibly constantly needing to elbow tourists out of the way to get a spot in a local restaurant doesn’t appeal. For whatever reason, it’s possible to take a step backSan Diego Corporate Housing and find San Diego corporate housing which is located in the areas just adjacent to the city.

Clairemont Housing is Also San Diego Corporate Housing

One possible option is Clairemont, located in a region of mesas and canyons just to the east of the Mission Bay section of San Diego. While technically and literally is it not San Diego corporate housing, since there is a municipal boundary… If you had not noticed the “Welcome to Clairemont” sign on the drive, you would be hard-pressed to say that you had left one city and entered another. And the corresponding San Diego sign does not read “Now Leaving San Diego, Abandon All Hope.” Both share the famous climate that attracts so many to the region. They share a freeway that let you zip back-and-forth between them. They even share a condescending attitude towards Los Angeles! In short, a difference, to be a difference and has to make a difference. And there since is no appreciable difference, except the absence of ‘San Diego’ snowglobes, t-shirts and other knick-knacks (which you can live without) then for all intents-and-purposes it is still San Diego corporate housing. Something Lost and Something Gained What you “lose” in Clairemont is some of the tourist-y vibe that central San Diego has, and likewise you gain a more normal city life. And when you need San Diego, it’s still there for you, just a short hop away. Another gain is likely to be more available choices in rentals, and central San Diego is where most people think of going first. Key Housing representatives are standing by if you wish to discuss your options further, give them a call today!

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