Cupertino Is the Home of Apple and Finding Short Term Rentals Is Almost Impossible

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If you are doing business with Apple, you are very probably coming to their headquarters in Cupertino and you will need somewhere to stay. Finding short term rentals in Cupertino is well-nigh impossibleThat is not going to be easy, because a lot of other people will be coming to Cupertino to carry on business with Apple and they will want somewhere to stay as well. In fact, not to put too fine a point on it, finding short term rentals in Cupertino, CA, is nothing short of a nightmare.

Apple is absolutely vast. It is based in Apple Park which is 175 acres and employs over 12,000 people on the site in one central circular building of four floors above ground, and three floors underground, measuring approximately 2,800,000 square feet. The inner part of the circle houses a park of 30 acres with a pond and fruit trees, and with winding pathways inspired by Californian fruit orchards.

There are seven cafes on the site, with the largest one providing seating for 3,000 people on three levels. The mezzanine space of 20,000 square feet can hold 600 people with a further 1,750 on terraces outside, and it can serve up to 15,000 lunches a day.

Steve Jobs Theater

There is also the Steve Jobs Theater which is situated on top of a hill but is an underground auditorium that can hold 1,000 people and is intended for Apple product launches and press meetings.

Car parking is in two above ground car parks and with space for 14,200 cars and an underground one with space for a further 2,000, and the parking is managed by sensors and apps. There are also 1,000 bikes for employees to get around the campus, with another 2,000 bike parking spaces in the underground garage. In addition, there is a bus station.

With all that going on, and all those visitors to Apple Park, you can readily see why finding short term rentals in Cupertino, CA, is such a problem.

However, if you are coming to Cupertino, whether or not you are visiting Apple, at Key Housing we can help you find short term rentals in Cupertino, CA, because we have a number of property owners on our books who only let their properties through us and don’t advertise them elsewhere. So if you are having a problem finding somewhere to stay for a month, or even longer, which you probably are, then we are here for you.

We have serviced apartments and single-family homes in the best residential areas of Cupertino, many of which are pet-friendly, and have a range of facilities in order to make your visit to the city a great experience.

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