If You Are Looking for Short-Term Housing in Irvine, Key Housing Can Help

Though many people are not aware of it, the city of Irvine in Orange County is a HUGE technology center: some people refer to it as a second Silicon Valley. Short-term housing in Irvine from Key Housing.The city has a population of 280,000 or so, making it one of the biggest in California. It is also a very expensive place to live. In fact, Irvine and the surrounding Santa Ana area is the 12th most expensive place to live in the US. Having said that, in 2008 CNNMoney chose Irvine as the fourth best place to live in the US, so it has quite a lot going for it.

If you are transferred to Irvine by your company for a period of a few weeks or even months to work with or for one of the local huge employers (the University of California employs no less than 21,700 people in Irvine, and several other companies employ between 1,300 and 3,000) then you may want to find short-term housing in Irvine, CA. Unfortunately, you may find this something of a struggle because an awful lot of other people are looking out for the same thing and there is a limit to just how much short-term housing is available.

Much Better Than Living In A Hotel

However much of a problem it is finding short-term housing in Irvine, CA, it is worth going on the hunt, because living in your “own” home is just so much better than living in a small hotel room for weeks or months on end. Despite the cost of living in Irvine, it is also still a lot less expensive to find short-term housing rather than living in a hotel.

Nonetheless, at Key Housing we can help you with short-term housing in Irvine, CA. We have been in this market for many years, and over this time we have built up connections with a considerable number of property owners who, for one reason or another, choose to rent out their properties rather than sell them. For instance, some of our landlords have been left properties by relatives and take the view that it is better to rent them out and have a steady income while at the same time the property increases in value.

At Key Housing, we take care of the letting of these properties and because we have them all on our books they are not advertised generally, which means that if you go searching, you won’t find them. They are only available through us. Our landlords like it that way because they get constant income and don’t have to lift a finger.

So if you are looking for Irvine short-term housing, let us know what you need and we will find it for you.

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