Don’t Stay In A Hotel. Stay In One Of Our Santa Clara Corporate Apartments

Santa Clara is one of the loveliest communities in the South Bay, and if you have to come to Silicon Valley on business, or for any other reason, it’s an ideal place to stay.A Santa Clara luxury apartment.It’s a short drive to San Jose, Cupertino, Palo Alto, or even Redwood City or Fremont. This means that if you are sent to work in any of the surrounding cities you can take advantage of one of our lovely Santa Clara corporate apartments.

Do you REALLY want to stay in a hotel for a couple of months – or even six? OK, for a couple of weeks a hotel might suffice, but after that it gets steadily boring. The food is the same every week: today is Wednesday, so it’s pizza, or steak pudding, or lamb chops. Tomorrow is Thursday, so that’s steak pudding, lasagne, or boeuf bourguignon. It’s OK for a couple of weeks, but after that it gets so “samey” – if that’s a word.

Not only that, but staying in a hotel means that EVERYTHING is extra. Want to park your car? Extra. Want a drink in the bar? Silly prices. Need to get your laundry done? Yep, you know where this is going.

How Much Better Is A Corporate Apartment

How much better to rent one of our Santa Clara corporate apartments. Here you get to choose what you have for dinner, and you can cook it yourself as you do at home. Or you can pop out to a restaurant if you don’t fancy cooking. You live in much the same way that you do when you are at home. You can get to know the neighbors. You get free parking. You might have a pool and a yard in which to relax in the sun. You get free high speed broadband, cable TV, and designer furnishings. You could have a choice of serviced apartments where all of the cleaning and housekeeping is done for you. You name it – you’ve got it.

Can you get all that in a hotel for a reasonable price? The answer is no – you can’t. In a hotel you are stuck with their “rules”. You have to abide by the way that they operate, whereas in one of our Santa Clara corporate apartments you can CHOOSE the way in which you live.

Let’s face it: it can be bad enough living away from home for weeks or months, let alone having to conform to the way someone else wants you to do things.

The choice is obviously yours, but if we were forced to live away from home for business reasons we know which way we would go.

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