Finding an Alameda California Serviced Apartment, but Not via Craigslist

Santa Barbara is an amazing beach-side city

Strangely, a lot of folk search for Alameda, California, serviced apartments on Craigslist. Well, think about that. Do you really want to rent from a total stranger you found on Craigslist?Short term housing in Alameda, California (serviced apartments)

What’s the alternative? That is to rent Alameda, California, serviced apartments through us here at Key Housing. We have hundreds of apartments and homes to rent throughout California, and we make sure that they are perfect. We have been established for many years, and we have OUR reputation to think about, so we do not take on clients whose apartments and homes are anything but top notch.

That means that when you want to use the washing machine, it works. If there is a yard, it is kept in good order and the lawns are mowed. If you have a Hummer, there is room for it on the driveway, not just a tiny Fiat. High speed internet is included, and it’s free. This is, after all the 21st century. We could go on, but we think that you get the idea. When you rent through us, you get quality and don’t have to worry about anything.

Fish Pie For Dinner Again

If you are staying in Alameda for any length of time you don’t want to be in a cramped hotel bedroom which is expensive. It can also become very tedious for anything more than a week or so. You come to know it’s Wednesday because it’s fish pie for dinner again in the restaurant on Wednesday. Which is fine if you like the fish pie. Yes, there are other things on the menu too, but for most people the sheer repetition becomes boring.

Not only that, in most hotels everything is an extra. WiFi? Certainly sir. That will be extra. Laundry? We can arrange that, but of course it’s extra. Parking? Of course, sir. That’s extra. As for the prices in the bars, don’t even go there!

When you rent Alameda, California, serviced apartments through us, everything is included. OK, not the laundry, but you get to do it yourself in the same way that you would at home, so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You want a few beers or bottle or two of wine in the evening? Just pay the retail price for them at Walmart.

Alameda is also very convenient for San Francisco as it’s only 15 miles and around a twenty-minute drive. Oakland, Berkeley, and Walnut Creek are all within easy commuting distance too.

So if you have to stay and work in the Bay Area for a few weeks or even months, talk to us about serviced apartments in Alameda.

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