Redwood City Corporate Housing Brings Cool to the South Bay

If you are not from the Bay Area, you might not have heard of Redwood City, but if you are visiting the Bay Area or Silicon Valley either on a business trip or for a long vacation, it is a cool city in which to stay. City of Redwood City, CaliforniaAt Key Housing, we can help you with Redwood City short term rentals.

When we say Redwood City is cool, we don’t mean in the sense of not being warm. In fact, it has a warm Mediterranean climate. Even better, before WW1 the German and US governments looked at climates around the world, and that of Redwood City was voted the world’s best climate, along with those of the Canary Islands and the North African Mediterranean Coast. In fact, over the arch at the Western entrance to the city is the slogan “Climate Best By Government Test”, so that says it all.

If you like to go for a walk in the park, then you’ll love Redwood City for those too. It has at least 24 parks, ranging in size from just under an acre to 42 acres, so you could pretty well go to a different park almost every day of the month. These include Tall Trees Grove which is full of – you’ve guessed it – Redwood trees!

Plenty Of Other Things To Do

There are plenty of other things to do in or near Redwood City, such as go shopping in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto four miles away, and while you’re there you could visit the Cantor Arts Center. Also in Palo Alto is the Hoover tower which is 285′ high. There is the Dragon Theater in Redwood City and the Hiller Aviation Museum a couple of miles outside the city.

Yes, there are certainly plenty of things to do in and around Redwood City, and you can even go and sit in the sun on the beach at Bair Island just next door.

If you are like most visitors to the city, you won’t want to stay in a hotel, so we can help you with Redwood City short term rentals of furnished apartments in and around the city. Staying in a hotel can get quite depressing if you are on a corporate visit and are going to be here for weeks or even months, whereas Redwood City short term rentals give you a home that you can call your own for the duration of your visit. We even have homes available that allow you to bring your pet with you as well. So give us a call on 800-989-0410 to tell us your needs.

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