Finding Corporate Housing in Emeryville Is Hard, but Key Housing Can Help

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Emeryville is not by any means the largest city on the East Bay, having a population of only around 11,500, but it is very “techie”, being home to Pixar – the Walt Disney owned computer graphics and animation company – as well as Adobe Systems and Novartis, among others.Corporate Housing in Emeryville is hard to find.

If you work in technology yourself, it is very possible that you might be looking for corporate housing for a short term, or even longer-term period in Emeryville, or perhaps Berkley or Oakland which are both close by.

Now let’s be clear about one thing: finding corporate housing in some of these cities in the East Bay is no easy job. In fact, it can be downright difficult and almost impossible, to say nothing of disheartening. That is simply because there are a lot of other people also looking for Emeryville corporate housing which means that there is a shortage.

Having said that, there is a company in Emeryville that offers luxury apartments, but sadly, when you look at its’ rating, it has 2.6 stars. That may not be what you want.

This is where Key Housing can help you. We are leading suppliers of corporate housing in California, and we have apartments, studios, 1-bedroom apartments, 2 and 3 – bedroom apartments, and luxury independent homes available, including Emeryville corporate housing.

How Can We Offer This When Others Can’t?

You might wonder how it is that we can offer this when others can’t, and the answer is that we have been in the business of renting corporate housing across California for very many years. The result of this is that we have built up a list of property owners who want to let their homes, and over time they have come to understand that we keep their properties full. This is what they want. Obviously, they want ongoing income for their properties and that is what we provide. This means that they have come to trust us to let their properties on a continuing basis, so the simple fact is that they have no need to look to any other company or start advertising their properties themselves.

We simply take care of everything for them, so that, effectively, all they have to do is to sit back and collect the rents.

Now that is a win-win-win situation. They collect their rent without having to do anything, we earn our fees, and you – someone who is looking for Emeryville corporate housing – can get a choice of properties from us that you simply cannot find anywhere else because they are not advertised anywhere else.

If you are looking for corporate housing in Emeryville, or Berkeley, or Oakland, we think that makes sense for all of us.

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