Oxnard Is a Beautiful Coastal City, but Finding Furnished Apartments Is Hard

Huntington Beach, CA, is known for its’ surfing

Oxnard is a beautiful city on the coast of Southern California, about 60 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. It has a population of about 210,000 and is comfortably warm and sunny for most of the year. If you are being sent to Oxnard on an assignment, you have hit the lottery!Serviced apartment Oxnard, CA.

But how do you find a serviced apartment in Oxnard, CA, or a furnished apartment? It’s not easy. You need an expert to help you locate the right property that is available at the right time. That means you need us at Key Housing. We can help you find what you need when others can’t. That is because we have been in the business of finding short-term rentals in California for many years, and so we have contacts. That’s why our name is Key Housing Connections.

Strawberries in Oxnard California

The area around Oxnard is a flat plain and has high-quality agricultural soils. Coupled with its’ favorable climate, it is considered one of the most fertile areas in the world and is noted for its strawberries. In fact, Oxnard produces about one-third of all strawberries in California. Every year, Oxnard holds the California Strawberry Festival including such delights as strawberry pizza, strawberry sundaes, and even strawberry champagne.

Oxnard also has some great beaches, with a total of over 20 miles of sand. Indeed, the sand dunes on the Oxnard beaches have been used to recreate the desert dunes of the Middle East in many movies. There is also great surfing from many of the beaches.

If you need a serviced apartment in Oxnard, CA, it is not an easy search. However, at Key Housing Connections we have access to furnished apartments that you can’t find elsewhere. This is because of the many years that we have been in the business of providing short term accommodation throughout California, and as a result, have built up connections with many property landlords who wish to let their properties.

What this means is that many of these landlords simply don’t advertise their properties elsewhere. Let’s face it, if you are a landlord, what you want is constant rent coming in without any of the hassle of advertising, calling a plumber when something needs fixing and dealing with all the other problems which may arise. So we deal with all that for them and they just sit back and collect a rent check every month.

That is why we have properties available that others don’t, so if you are looking for a serviced apartment in Oxnard, CA, now you know what to do.

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