Halloween is Upon Us, But Burlingame Corporate Housing is Not Cursed

The rumours that Burlingame corporate housing is cursed are a total fabrication (or at least we think so). Then again, Halloween is upon us soon, so here’s the somewhat spooky story of the town’s origins, so judge for yourself.Burlingame Corporate Housing

The land upon which Burlingame corporate housing now sits was once just another ‘rancho’ in Spanish-controlled territory. One section was sold to a man named Howard, who retired there, but didn’t get to enjoy his golden years there, as he died suddenly. The land then passed to a banker Ralston, who gave it as a gift to his friend Anson Burlingame (hence the city name). But Anson left on a trip, from which he never returned, dying in Russia the year after. Ralston got the property back, but died before he could develop it, and his partner Sharon took control, but (you guessed it!) died before long. Finally the curse seemed broken by a man named Newlands, who stayed alive through the 1906 quake (but which killed thousands), and was able to sell lots to those fleeing the ruins of San Francisco proper, which kick-started the development of the city, leading to the availability of Burlingame corporate housing.

Burlingame Corporate Housing: Halloween Fits Like a Glove

Aside from the general ghoulishness, Halloween is about sweet treats. Just nabbing Burlingame corporate housing in the tight market would itself be a delicious bit of luck. But once here you’d discover another connection to Halloween. Burlingame is home to many candy and chocolate companies. There’s the home office of Guittard Chocolate, and the See’s Candies lollipop factory is also here. The family owned candy stores Powell’s started here. There’s also Aidan’s Chocolates, and Nuts for Candy, the list goes on. To top it off, there is the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia. So if you have a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with Burlingame corporate housing.

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