If You Are Away From Home on Business, Consider Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is far better than staying in a hotel.

Many people have to spend time away from their homes on business. It may be that the company that you work for needs you to spend time with a customer, or perhaps needs you to spend time working with a supplier. Corporate housing is far better than staying in a hotelOr you could be a construction worker who is required to work on a site, or you could be a medical professional who has to work in a hospital far away. Whichever it is, you might be away from home for a couple of days, which is not too bad, or you could be away for weeks, or even months, on end.

Now, if it is just for a couple of days, there is no issue. A hotel will do just fine. But when you start looking at a couple of weeks or more the whole thing becomes very different indeed. Who on earth wants to stay in a cramped hotel bedroom for weeks on end with nothing more for the company than a TV and a minibar which costs a fortune every time you take a drink out of it? Not our idea of fun at all.

Many Pros of Corporate Housing Compared With a Hotel

This is why you should consider corporate housing for a stay of any length. The pros of corporate housing over a hotel are many, not the least of which is that – provided you choose the right home or apartment – it is as near to being in your own home as you can get.

After all, who wants to live in a hotel where the restaurant menu is the same every week? Or in some cases, every day. Not only that, but when you live in a hotel, almost everything is an “extra”. Including, in some hotels, WiFi! Luxury hotels can charge an extra $20 a night just to browse the Internet. Park your car in the car park? Extra. Do your laundry? Extra. Some hotels also charge a fee for using the coffee maker in your room! As for the prices in the bar – well let’s not even go there. They are astronomical because the hotel knows that, by and large, they have got you trapped. Those are just some of the pros of corporate housing over a hotel: you just don’t get all those extra charges.

But there are more pros of corporate housing over a hotel, one of which is one that you might not consider. But in these days of Covid, in corporate housing you have your own space. You are not constantly mixing with random strangers who might have come from anywhere.

For us, it’s corporate housing as opposed to a hotel every time.

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