Going to Cupertino to Visit Apple? We Can Help With Corporate Housing Near Apple HQ

Corporate housing in Cupertino is better than a hotel

Apple is headquartered in Cupertino. Thus, many corporate types come to Cupertino to “do business.” It is not hard to find the Apple HQ as it is a huge circular building covering just over a quarter of a square kilometer and is four stories high. Corporate housing in Cupertino is better than a hotelIt sits on a suburban site of just under 1.5 square kilometers and 80% of it is parkland planted with trees and plants that are indigenous to the Cupertino area. There is an artificial pond in the center.

So, while it may not be hard to find the Apple HQ, when it comes to somewhere to stay that is a different kettle of fish. As you can imagine, many people come to visit Apple on business, and they all need somewhere to stay. Thus, there are hotels locally – that is if you really want to spend upwards of $250 a night! And that is assuming that the hotels have any space: they often get fully booked because so many people go to visit Apple.

Who wants to stay in a hotel anyway? It’s OK if it’s just for a couple of nights. But if you are going to be at Apple for a week, two weeks, or even more, then living out of a suitcase in a cramped hotel room is no fun at all. You are far better off with Cupertino corporate housing near Apple.

Easier Said Than Done: Finding Corporate Housing Near Apple HQ

Then again, even finding Cupertino corporate housing near Apple is easier said than done. This is because Cupertino is not just home to Apple, but to several other major employers such as Seagate Technology, Nvidia, Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Cisco, and more. And they all have people visiting them on business who need somewhere to stay.

However, as luck would have it, if you are looking for Cupertino corporate housing near Apple, or any of the rest of them, at Key Housing Connections we can help you. This is because we have corporate housing that you won’t find if you go searching on Google.

The reason is actually quite straightforward. We have been providing corporate housing across California for many years, and as a result we have built up many connections (it’s in our name!) with property owners who are happy to rent out their homes and apartments for short term rentals. Now, obviously they want to keep their properties full, and we take care of that side of things for them.

As one short term renter moves out, we have another ready to move in, so our owners don’t need to advertise elsewhere. And that is why we have properties available that you won’t find on Google.

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