If You Are Going to a Convention in Anaheim, It’s Best to Use Corporate Housing

Finding corporate housing in Anaheim is almost impossible because of Disneyland.

Conventions are back! Well, not entirely back……but coming back soon in 2022. One of the biggest venues in Anaheim. In fact, Anaheim has a huge convention center with over 1 million square feet of exhibit space. Key Housing can provide corporate housing in Anaheim.There are 99 meeting rooms with a total of over 352,000 square feet, lobby space of 176,000 square feet, outdoor venue space of 200,000 square feet, three ballrooms totaling 238,000 square feet, and an arena with 7,500 theater-style stadium seats. It also has no less than six car parks. Phew! That’s big.

Not only that, but the Anaheim convention center is next door to Disneyland, so you can imagine how busy the area gets. What is even more difficult is that most of the people who are visiting, whether for a convention or Disneyland, all need somewhere to stay when they arrive.

Now, of course, there are hotels aplenty, but they can get booked solid as well. And in any case, who wants to stay in a hotel for a week – or even more? It can get very tedious making your way back to a cramped hotel room every evening and seeing the same dinner menu in the hotel restaurant. And as for the prices – they are through the roof. Just about everything in a hotel is an “extra”.

There Is an Answer: Short Term Housing in Anaheim via Key Housing!

Fortunately, there is an answer, and it is to use corporate housing near the Anaheim convention center instead of a hotel. It is so much better than a hotel because it is just like having a home of your own. In fact, for the duration of your stay, it is a home of your own. In our corporate housing near Anaheim convention center you have everything that you would have in your own home, and very often a few extras that you may not have yourself.

You can come and go as you please, and not only is it going to cost you a lot less than staying in a hotel, but you can choose to eat whatever foods you wish because you are not stuck with the hotel menu. If you want a bottle or two of vino, you can buy them at the liquor store and pay liquor store prices instead of hotel prices. In fact, with our corporate housing near Anaheim convention center, if you are staying for a week or two, you will save a small fortune.

We have several different corporate housing choices, and they are situated in the best residential areas near the convention center, so give us a call and let us know your requirements.

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