If You Have a Corporate Gig on the Central Coast, Let Us Find Corporate Housing in San Luis Obispo

The Central Coast of California is INCREDIBLE. The coast is beautiful, and if you’re lucky enough to be assigned here on a corporate gig you can do no better than San Luis Obispo. It has a beautiful setting on the beach and the population is just short of 50,000, so is not overcrowded.San Luis Obispo is great for a Central Coast corporate gig

We can provide you with corporate housing in San Luis Obispo at Key Housing. The city’s origins go way back to 1772 when Fr Jose Cavalier began to build a mission here on September 2nd. Working with five soldiers and two locals he used whatever materials could be found to begin the construction of what was to become Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa which is the Spanish for Mission St Louis, Bishop of Tolouse.

San Luis Obispo is also known to locals as SLO and is situated 31 miles north of Santa Maria on US Route 101. It has a cool Mediterranean climate with mild winters. Downtown SLO is centered around the Mission House and has many boutiques and eclectic shops. There are all sorts of outdoor sports available here including hiking, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, skimboarding, diving, sailing, and kite boarding.

Smoking Is Banned

If you are visiting SLO on business, there are a few things that you should know. On August 2nd 1990, SLO became the first municipality in the world to ban smoking in all public buildings, including bars and restaurants. In April 2010, San Luis Obispo strengthened its anti-smoking legislation, making smoking in public, excepting for certain conditions, a citable offense beginning on June 20, 2010.

Also in April 2010, an “unruly gathering” ordinance passed with a vote of 4–1. This ordinance poses a fine of $700 for the hosts of gatherings with more than 20 people on private property which create a substantial disturbance in a significant amount of the neighborhood. Unlawful conduct includes excessive noise; public drunkenness; serving alcohol to minors; fighting; urinating in public; crowds overflowing into yards, sidewalks, or streets; or similar unlawful behaviors.

This disapproval of such behavior doesn’t seem to extend to Bubblegum Alley which is a 15’ high and 70’ long alley on which passers-by stick bubblegum on the walls. It is believed to have been started in the 1950’s as some sort of contest between San Luis Obispo High School and California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) students.

If you are looking for corporate housing in San Luis Obispo, we can help you at Key Housing. Whatever you need, we will be able to provide whether you need short term housing or longer-term corporate housing in San Luis Obispo. Call us on 1-800-989-0410 or request a quote by clicking here: https://www.keyhousing.com/corporate-housing-quote-request/.

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