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If you are being assigned to Fresno on corporate business, you are in for a treat. The name of the city is the Spanish for “ash tree” and it is the largest city in the Central Valley region.Fresno corporate housing from Key Housing In 2020 it had a population of 542,107 making it the fifth most populous city in California and the 34th most populous in the US, so it is a pretty big city, covering around 112 square miles. It was founded in 1872 as a station of the Central Pacific Railroad and then incorporated in 1885.

Agriculture is king in the Fresno area with fruits of all types grown here. You can drive or hike along the 62-mile Blossom Trail in early Spring, and in Summer it morphs into the Fresno County Fruit Trail.

If you have a Visa card, which millions of people do, it actually began life here in Fresno. Bank of America launched a product called BankAmericard in September 1958 which was the first ever credit card. In 1976 it was renamed and spun off into another company called Visa Inc.

Fresno has three large public parks, two in the city limits and one in county land to the Southwest. Woodward Park, which features the Shinzen Japanese Gardens, boasts numerous picnic areas and several miles of trails. Near Downtown is Roeding Park which houses Fresno Chaffee Zoo which the kids love, and which contains Sea Lion Cove among other attractions.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Fresno gets pretty hot in the summer, and in order to escape the heat, a Sicilian immigrant named Baldassare Forestiere who was a citrus grower began to turn some useless farmland into a huge network of underground courtyards, tunnels, and rooms, making it into a garden area. He used only hand tools – shovels and picks – and worked on it for 40 years, eventually covering no less than 10 acres which in some parts are 25’ deep. He planted fruit trees and vines among many other things, and a lot of them are still alive today.

Of course, if you are coming to Fresno, you will need Fresno corporate rentals if you are staying for more than a few days. At Key Housing Connections, we are specialist in Fresno corporate rentals, and we have properties available that you won’t find advertised on the open market.

This is because we have been in the business of letting short term rentals in California for a very long time, and we have a lot of property owners on our books who don’t need to advertise because we keep their properties rented year-round. When one renter moves out, we usually have another ready to move in. Let us know what you need by way of Fresno corporate rentals, and we will ensure that you get what you need.

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