Irvine Corporate Rentals: Agriculture was Just Yesterday!

Idaho has “Famous Potatoes”. Irvine has (or more accurately rather once had) “Famous Lima Beans.” Over 60,000 acres were planted at one time, which I’m sure was a pretty big deal back in the 19th century. As with most locations in Southern California, the early history or Irvine involves agriculture. And in the course of time, luckily, Irvine outgrew that legacy (the older city became East Irvine), Irvine Corporate Rentalsand now thrives in the areas of business and higher education (it has a UC system campus). Where Irvine corporate rentals are now likely to be found is in the middle of a grand experiment in city planning. Unparalleled for a city of this size (over a quarter-million), Irvine did not just grow organically, but was a planned development.

Experience Planned Living from Irvine Corporate Rentals

Curious to see how this experiment in centralized planning turned out? If your work takes you anywhere in the region, consider Irvine corporate rentals, so you can get a front-row seat to the outcome. Is life more convenient because by design each “neighborhood” is supplied with all the basic amenities that you expect from a city. Is there a lack of natural-feeling variation that make it feel like you’re moving between cloned neighborhoods (and getting the deja vu sense kicking in). Form your own opinion while mulling the question over in your very own Irvine corporate rental.

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