It is Hard to Find San Diego Short Term Rentals on your Own

Finding short term rentals in San Diego is difficult.

San Diego’s “perfect weather” is matched by a very imperfect short term rentals market. Try finding San Diego short term rentals and you’ll see what we mean.

Finding short term rentals in San Diego is difficult.
San Diego Corporate Housing

It is very hard to do without an insider who knows all the nooks and crannies.

San Diego is a big city, with a population of just over 1.4 million people, so there is a lot of housing, but most of it is filled. The city has had its ups and downs, because a hundred years ago the population was just 17,000 people. However, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor meant that the US navy needed to find another base, and they chose San Diego. This meant that the city expanded almost overnight, and today it is the headquarters of many corporations.

Of course, that means that there are many visitors to San Diego looking for San Diego short term rentals rather than staying in a cramped hotel room for weeks or months on end. Renting an apartment or home in San Diego gives you the freedom to be who you want to be – assuming that you can find such a gem in the first place.

The Clue Is In “Connections”

This is where we can help you at Key Housing Connections. The clue is in the word “connections” and we have many of them in San Diego. It is because we have been in the business of San Diego short term rentals for years, and over time we have got to know many landlords very well indeed. In fact, most of our landlords don’t advertise their properties anywhere else because they have found that we can keep them occupied: as one person or family moves out, we have another ready to move in.

This is one very good reason to get in touch with us when you need short term accommodation in San Diego. If you want it, we have got it, so everything ties in very nicely for both landlord and tenant. We have a wide range of short term accommodation in San Diego including one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartments and homes, many of which are pet friendly.

Available amenities include the space and freedom to enjoy yourself in prime San Diego locations, with fully fitted kitchens, high speed internet, cable TV, private entrances to apartments, all laundry facilities, full service housekeeping, and parking provided. Many of our rentals have things such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and access to gyms.

Whatever your needs for short term rentals in San Diego, contact us today and make yourself at home.

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