Key Housing Announces Alert about the Shortage of Short Term Housing with Tips on How to Find San Diego Serviced Apartments This Summer

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San Diego, California – June 2, 2018. Key Housing, California’s leading service for short term, corporate, and serviced apartments from Eureka to San Diego, Los Angeles to Sacramento, and everywhere in between, is proud to announce a new alert on the housing shortage in San Diego with a particular emphasis on so-called “serviced apartments in San Diego.” San Diego Serviced apartments for rentKey Housing has developed a leadership role helping Europeans navigate the housing system and locate short term or corporate housing in San Diego and other booming California cities.

“Yes, San Diego is a popular place for vacations, but it’s also a big hub for conventions and trade shows,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Many Americans know this and book short term or corporate housing in San Diego early if they are planning to visit the area. Our alert is for the wider community, including European visitors who may not be aware of the issues they face.”

Interested persons can review the new Key Housing blog post at Indeed, Key Housing also identifies a Southern California property each month as a “featured complex” to help Europeans and others locate short term housing. For June, the designated complex for June 2018 has been awarded to Avalon Fashion Valley. The complex is an archetypical example of a serviced apartment in San Diego and thus deserves the June, 2018, “featured complex” designation. To learn more about Avalon Fashion Valley please go to


Here is background to this release. Searching for San Diego serviced apartments for rent could become difficult for European visitors. Popular conventions and trade shows could can book rooms months in advance. In addition, vacation destinations can include popular Southern California cities. The area of San Diego may be considered a year-around destination for vacationers and corporations alike. Persons living in the United States may understand the importance of booking accommodations early if planning to visit the area. European visitors planning to book a San Diego serviced apartment for rent may not know to schedule accommodations early. If a European waits too long to secure accommodations in San Diego, however, it could become a problem. Convention and trade show attendees in San Diego may have packed several hotels full at the same time a vacation has been scheduled. Planning far ahead for San Diego serviced apartments for rent may be the best move.

European visitors planning to book a San Diego serviced apartment for rent may need to confirm a spot early. Vacations can happen all year in the popular city but conventions and trade shows can add to the squeeze. Trade show and convention coordinators may completely book nearby hotels months prior to an event. Searching for San Diego serviced apartments for rent could be problematic. Corporate housing options, including the Avalon Fashion Valley complex can be a smart alternative. Booking a San Diego serviced apartment months prior to a large convention might be the answer European visitors need.
For these reasons, Key Housing has issued an alert on the short term housing shortage in San Diego with special reference to “serviced apartments.”


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