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Orange County is the second largest technology center in California, just behind the Bay Area, and the city of Irvine is arguably the tech capital of Orange County. Orange County CaliforniaFor this reason, quite a lot of businessmen from Europe come to Irvine on a business trip which might be for a couple of weeks or perhaps several months. If you are only coming for a week or so then you will probably stay in a hotel, but if you are coming for any longer than that, then it makes sense to stay in a serviced apartment in Irvine

The problem with hotels for stays of any length is that everything can get very “samey” – if that’s a word. You know that it is Thursday by looking at the dinner menu, because it’s the same every Thursday. Furthermore, you have to live out of a suitcase in a small hotel room, and everything else costs extra. In some hotels they even charge you for WiFi and parking. And as for the prices in the bar! Well, let’s just not go there.

When you have a serviced apartment in Irvine it is completely different. You can come and go as you please and you can eat whatever and whenever you like. If you want a glass of wine or three, you can just buy a bottle down at the liquor store for normal retail prices.

At Key Housing, we can find you a serviced apartment with one, two, or three bedrooms, or a single-family house as you need. All our furnished accommodation has top quality furnishings, fully fitted kitchens, washing machine and tumble dryer, free high-speed broadband, cable TV, housekeeping, fresh bedding, and more. You may also have a hot tub, a pool, and access to a gym or other fitness center.

The Freedom That You Enjoy At Home

Living in your “own” home in a serviced apartment in Irvine means that you have the freedom that you enjoy at home. There is also lots to do on your days off work, one of which is the Great Park Balloon in Orange County Great Park. It’s a tethered balloon that is 72 feet in diameter and rises to 400 feet from where you can see Irvine and Orange County below and is a “must do” for anyone not afraid of heights.

There are botanical gardens in Irvine, and Buccaneer Cove which is a water play park and great for the kids. There is also the Irvine Museum, or you could go on a farm tour at Tanaka Farm. So there is plenty to keep you busy.

For a serviced apartment in Irvine, give us a call at Key Housing and tell us what you need.

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