Key Housing Announces Dualistic News for November: A New Post on High Expectations and a New Designee for NorCal San Jose Corporate Housing

San Jose, California – October 30, 2019. Key Housing Connections, the leader in finding hard-to-find Northern California corporate and short term rentals is proud to announce dual news for November, 2019. San Jose Corporate HousingFirst, the company is announcing a new post specific to San Jose (Northern California’s largest city), and second, the company is announcing its featured listing designee to be the Bella Villagio, a best-in-class complex in the Bay Area city.

Via the announcement, interested parties can learn that the task of securing corporate housing in San Jose for a VIP employee can be challenging. Executives might expect more than temporary housing. Essential business amenities and proximity to a downtown office could be at the top of a list, and the new post and new designees are dual stepping stones to satisfying these needs.

“When it comes to temporary apartments, a business traveler is in a class of their own. They are there for one reason, their job. A location that keeps them connected to work can be a priority,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Our new double-announcement talks about hard-to-find corporate housing and where to find the best option for executives.”

The new innovative blog post from Key Housing Corporation is available to review on the website.  at The post points out the following facts. First, corporate housing in San Jose may seem elusive to an administrator tasked with the job of finding it. VIP’s might expect high-end business amenities to stay connected to an office. Second, Bella Villagio, the November 2019 winner as Key Housings best-in-class NorCal complex, might be the right choice for a busy executive. Sought-after corporate amenities including business facilities, WiFi and meeting spaces can be essential to a productive work trip. Bella Villagio might meet the demands of an executive with high expectations. Finally, administrators searching for hard-to-find corporate housing can read about more options at the Key Housing website.


Here is the background on this announcement. Hard-to-find business skills can be in demand throughout the business community. Corporate leaders who hire a top-trained candidate might decide to move the new employee to various company sites and work on important projects. If a VIP is scheduled to support a San Jose office, booking the right corporate housing could prove difficult.

An employee managing a vital company project may expect to stay in a type of short-term housing unit up to the task. The demand for on-site business services at a moment’s notice might be essential to stay connected to corporate projects. Short, fast commutes to meet with colleagues at a downtown office can move tasks along quickly. San Jose corporate housing complexes specifically made to cater to an executive’s special requests might be challenging to find.

For these reasons, Key Housing Corporation zeroed in on Bella Villagio as November’s best-in-class property for 2019 for its Northern California region. The corporate housing complex provides a business center, high-speed internet, and on-site parking. Proximity to highways 101 and 87 offer a short commute to the downtown business district. Bella Villagio, a premier San Jose corporate housing unit, could be the right fit for a specially-skilled employee ready to work.


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