Key Housing, the Leader in Finding Hard-to-Find San Diego Corporate Apartments, Announces New Blog Archive Focused on California’s Southernmost City

Finding short term rentals in San Diego is difficult.

San Diego, California – November 2, 2019. Key Housing, the California leader in finding hard-to-find corporate rentals in cities as diverse as San Diego, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles, is proud to announce a new blog archive focused on California’s southernmost city. San Diego Corporate ApartmentThe company is timing the announcement with its coveted SoCal featured apartment complex for November, which goes to “AVA Pacific Beach.”

With this announcement, information about how to find the best San Diego corporate apartment complex is now easily available for business leaders. The new blog archive helps corporate leaders find up-to-date information on the San Diego short term rental market while the featured listing highlights one of the best complexes for short term corporate rentals in San Diego.

“People normally think a beachside city like San Diego is a travel destination for vacation, not work. It might surprise some to find out the demand for business-style accommodations is just as popular,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “We decided to post the blog archive for those struggling to find short-term corporate housing in an Oceanside city just as we designated one of the very best listings, the AVA Pacific Beach complex.”

To review of the new blog archive focused on short-term stay corporate apartments in San Diego, please visit the website. Archive topics include; SoCal serviced apartments, San Diego short-term housing searches, and furnished corporate apartments. In addition, the company is announcing that the top SoCal complex for November 2019 is San Diego’s AVA Pacific Beach. The site is a prime example of the best in furnished rentals for corporate stays. Fully furnished kitchens and modern amenities near the hub of Downtown San Diego are a few stand-out features. Interested parties can review AVA San Diego corporate apartments at and the entire site at


Here is the background on this announcement. Southern California’s oceanside cities might be considered popular vacation spots. A visitor on holiday might expect to find beachside furnished apartments tailored to “downtime” activities. Walking distance to lovely beaches, outdoor activities and fine dining might be at the top of the list. San Diego can be a popular city for business leaders too. The demand for corporate apartments may be just as high as the demand for vacation housing.

Business leaders searching for San Diego corporate housing could benefit from informational posts. Local sites can include business amenities such as on-site office spaces, high-speed internet, and nearby delivery services to help a busy executive stay on-task. Afterwork conveniences, can include swimming pools, barbeque patios, and easy beach access to help a VIP wind down.

A traveling employee scheduled to work in a popular SoCal beach city could locate the right accommodations for a successful stay. Busy executives can find support for both work and play in one San Diego corporate apartment complex. For these reasons, Key Housing Corporation has announced a new blog archive.


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