Key Housing Announces ‘Happiness’ (Allegro) Wins Out as San Diego Serviced Apartment Winner for July 2019

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June 30, 2019 – San Diego, California. Key Housing, the leader in helping Europeans and Brits to locate hard-to-find furnished apartments in San Diego and indeed all of Southern California, is proud to announce that “Allegro Towers,” has won its coveted Southern California designation for featured property for July 2019.San Diego serviced apartmentsAs summer is in full swing, despair and not happiness is often the order of the day as Europeans seek to find “serviced apartments” (what Americans refer to as “furnished apartments”) in the incredibly tight San Diego county housing marketplace.

“Obviously, Allegro Towers winning our SoCal featured property designation for July 2019 is more than just a play on words,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “It’s an incredible property offering serviced apartments for Europeans coming to San Diego, but there’s a true happiness when a client of ours realizes that we have a knack for finding the impossible: a San Diego furnished apartment that’s a short term rental.”

Interested persons can view the Allegro Towers listing at to learn more about how it won out over competitors for the July 2019 designation. The property is located at 1455 Kettner Boulevard in San Diego and with 29 floors the property provides stunning views of downtown San Diego. Those who want to learn even more can directly visit the property website at The property is near not only to downtown San Diego but also the so-called “Little Italy” section of the city, and hence the name. But more seriously, only a foolish European would attempt to find a serviced apartment in San Diego on his own. The experts at Key Housing have relationships and “insider information” on hard-to-find units. Interested persons should thus visit the Key Housing website and click up to the “Corporate Housing” tab for a consultation or just call 800-989-0410. Those who want to read up on tips, tricks, and secrets of San Diego housing can also visit the company’s lively blog at


Here is background on this release. Many Europeans and British citizens who visit Southern California are in for a very rude shock when they encounter the incredibly tight housing market. San Diego is not Bakersfield or Eureka in California, let alone Muskogee Oklahoma, or Cincinnati Ohio. While there is nothing wrong with those cities, San Diego is pulsing with commerce and tourism, and hemmed in by California geography and regulatory zeal. It is, in essence, the “perfect storm,” for a housing crisis. Finding let alone an empty short term unit, not to mention a furnished or “serviced apartment” for rent in San Diego is a nearly undoable task without a guide. Finding a “serviced apartment” that is also available short term has brought grown men and women to a kind of sadness that rivals true despair. They are often tempted to give up, never embarking to visit San Diego in the first place or buying a plane ticket home should they be foolish enough to show up in San Diego without securing a place to live.

For these reasons, Key Housing has identified the Allegro Towers as its winning designee for July 2019 in the Southern California region. While the name comes from Italian and the property’s proximity to “Little Italy,” the reality is that an incredible sense of joy overcomes any European or Brit who works with Key Housing and discovers that they have actually found a serviced apartment in San Diego. And then when they realize that it is not just any old serviced apartment but one at an incredible property just minutes from downtown, the joy turns to the kind of incredible celebration of good luck that one might expect after winning the lottery or receiving a Noble Peace Prize. Interested persons are urged to visit the website, read up about the July designee and immediately seek out a relationship with Key Housing, the best-in-class housing service for hard-to-find California short term rentals.


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