Key Housing, the Leader in Finding Hard-to-Find San Francisco Serviced Apartments, Announces Focus on Venue for July, 2019

Corporate housing in Mountain View is hard to find.

June 27, 2019 – San Francisco, California. Key Housing, the leader in locating hard-to-find “serviced” or “furnished” apartments in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce a “venue” themed focus for its July 2019 NorCal featured property. Serviced Apartment San FranciscoThe winning property for this month’s coveted “featured property” is literally called “Venue” and can be found at “Venue” of course is a word of French origin meaning “where something happens,” and “Venue” in San Francisco refers to a best-in-class property at 1155 4th Street in San Francisco, putting it at the center of San Francisco transit.

“As traffic in the Bay Area continues to be a major concern, we’re finding that Europeans are looking not only for ‘serviced’ or ‘furnished’ apartments for rent in San Francisco but also for venues that offer easy access to transit,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “The location of Venue on 4th Street in San Francisco gives it a real edge over similar properties that offer furnished units but do not enjoy such wonderful and easy access to Bay Area transit.”

Interested persons can visit Venue via the link above, or visit the property directly at Should they be interested in securing a furnished or serviced apartment for rent in San Francisco, however, they should reach out to Key Housing. Key Housing has “insider” relationships with many properties and thus can help Europeans find hard-to-find availabilities when other short term housing services fall short. To reach out to Key Housing, interested persons can visit the website at and then click on the “corporate housing” link or just call 800-989-0410. Those who want a detailed look at “serviced apartments” can also visit the information page at which is newly updated as well.


Here is the background to this release. Each month, Key Housing scours its database of best-in-class corporate and short term lending in both Northern California (NorCal) and Southern California (SoCal). Key Housing is known as the place that has “insider information” on hard-to-find short term housing in the Golden State. For its Northern California selection for July, Key Housing determined that the Number 1 issue for many Europeans after simply finding a furnished unit was easy access to transportation. Many arrive in San Francisco without a car, for example, and thus need to use public transit. Others rent a vehicle only to find that traffic nightmares are common in the Bay Area. Regardless, easy access to transportation becomes a defining characteristic of their search for the best short term housing in the Bay Area, generally, or in San Francisco, in particular.

For these reasons, Venue won out as the featured listing for July 2019. It offers a) reserved garage parking for cars, b) bicycle parking, c) close access to both CalTrain and Muni, and d) easy access to the Bay Bridge, 101, and 280. If that’s not enough, it’s within walking district of a Kaiser Permanente hospital and Oracle Park, where the San Francisco Giants play. Baseball fans can thus use this property as an easy way to enjoy Baseball in San Francisco and yet avoid parking and transportation hassles. It’s also quite close to downtown and the booming “South of Market” district in San Francisco, known as the home of many tech startups in the Bay Area’s vibrant technology ecosystem. Anyone coming to San Francisco from Europe yet looking for serviced apartment is urged to visit the website, and then reach out for a consultation with a housing expert to find their best-in-class serviced apartment in San Francisco, California. As they say in real estate, it’s location, location, location, and for this reason Venue won out for July in the Northern California region.


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