Key Housing Announces New Posts about Small Space Trends and San Diego Serviced Apartments

Finding short term rentals in San Diego is difficult.

July 29, 2019 – San Diego, California. Key Housing Connections, a best-in-class service providing corporate apartments in Southern and Northern California, is pleased to announce a new post on temporary living spaces, zeroing in on what Europeans called “serviced apartments” and what Americans or Canadians call “furnished apartments.”San Diego Serviced Apartment

“Many visitors to San Diego are only seeking temporary housing. They still request the normal amenities a smaller apartment unit can provide, that is so-called furnished or serviced apartments,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Tiny homes are helping to expand options in the housing market. Small, fully furnished apartments catering to short-term rental needs can benefit from this trend.”

For these reasons, Key Housing is proud to announce several new posts addressing the problematic temporary housing issues in Southern California. To review the recent posts from the company, please visit; . The search for San Diego serviced apartments could include viewing smaller, furnished apartments with a “tiny home” vibe. Short-term visitors, including contracted employees and European tourists, could benefit from small apartment living vs. a hotel. Indeed, the best example of a top San Diego serviced apartment might be August’s featured property the Promenade Rio Vista
Interested persons can learn more at the property website at


Here is background on this announcement. The California real estate market can heat up during the summer months and reach a crisis point in August, as summer renters remain while Fall renters pile in. A heavy price tag for so-called ‘normal’ sized homes might push many out of the buying market. Persons may be willing to downsize to attain the dream of owning a home. The trend in tiny houses can provide an affordable alternative to homeownership. The temporary housing market, including San Diego serviced apartment needs, could benefit from small homes trends as well.

European travelers may struggle to find a San Diego serviced apartment for a family holiday or corporate assignment. Corporate housing options might be a challenge for contracted employees. A smaller short-term apartment rental could cost less and be comfortable for both types of visitors.

For these reasons, Key Housing announces several informational posts about affordable San Diego serviced apartments and has identified its featured listing for August, 2019. The company’s featured property, Promenade Rio Vista, can provide best-in-class living in the San Diego County area. Corporate VIP’s and Europeans on holiday could both appreciate full kitchens, on-site laundry, game rooms, and swimming pools. Proximity to beaches, the San Diego Zoo (, Sea World and dining can save on gas and time. Fully-furnished apartments under seven hundred square feet could solve the problem for short-term renters.


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