Key Housing Announces Second Part of Focus on Serviced Apartments for June with San Jose Serviced Apartment Designee

June 1, 2019 – San Jose, California. Key Housing Connections, the NorCal leader in locating hard-to-find corporate apartments in San Jose and other major Northern California cities, is pleased to announce the second part of its focus on so-called “serviced apartments” in both Northern and Southern California. San Jose Serviced ApartmentsAs Europeans and British citizens, both tourists and business travelers, flock to California during the summer months, the company is designating two properties (one in San Diego, and one in San Jose) as the designees of its prestigious “featured listing” awards for June, 2019. The San Jose winner is the Villa Torino at, which is an incredible complex that bills itself as a “Modern Italian Villa in the Heart of an Jose.”

The complex offers Europeans and Brits, short term, furnished rentals in the so-called “serviced apartment” category, making it an ideal fit for Germans, French, Brits, or other Europeans who are coming to Silicon Valley either for business and/or pleasure.

“San Jose is the center of Silicon Valley living, and by selecting Villa Torino we want to draw attention to an apartment complex that is ‘European friendly,'” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Whether one calls it a serviced apartment or a furnished apartment, the reality is that Villa Torino offers foreigners a way to enjoy Silicon Valley without having to pack their furniture.”

Interested persons can learn more about the NorCal featured listing for June at There, they can read about Villa Torino, or use the navigation features to browse up and down California to learn about short term rental opportunities. For example, to browse availabilities throughout all of Silicon Valley, they can click up to They can also reach out to Key Housing for personalized help on finding hard-to-find short term rentals in San Jose for the summer months. Indeed, those who want to read up on the San Jose apartment marketplace can check out the company’s spirited blog at which shares tips, tricks, and insights on how to find one of the hardest things to find on God’s green earth: an available short term rental in Santa Clara county, California.


Here is a background on this announcement. While Dionne Warwick made San Jose famous with her 1968 song, Europeans may not know that Americans use the term “furnished apartment” for what Europeans and Brits call “serviced apartment,” namely an apartment that has the basic furnishings. Indeed, Europeans and non-Californians may not know that finding a short term rental in Silicon Valley is harder than finding a person who doesn’t have the Uber or Lyft app on their phone. By identifying a leading apartment complex that understands Europeans, Brits, and the terminology that they use to find short terms rentals, Key Housing is helping bridge not only the linguistic gaps but the real estate gaps between Europe and California.


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