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Vallejo is a busy city on the north part of the San Francisco Bay Area and is known for its’ hard-working population of about 125,000. There are lots of manufacturing and other “blue collar” businesses. If you are being sent here on a corporate assignment and looking for Vallejo corporate rentals, at Key Housing Connections we can help you.Key Housing for Vallejo corporate rentals.

There are so many benefits to using Vallejo corporate rentals rather than staying in a hotel that it is difficult to know where to start. Quite obviously, staying in a hotel for any length of time is horrifically expensive. Part of the problem with hotels is that in many of them everything that you need is extra. You pay for the room – bed, and breakfast – and, fair enough, that’s what you get. Somewhere to park your car? Certainly sir. That’s an extra. Wi-fi? Of course sir. It’s extra. Watch the TV in your room? Of course. It’s extra. Need your laundry done? You guessed it. And don’t let’s even begin to think about the bar prices!

Then there is the tedium of being trapped in a small hotel bedroom for weeks on end and living out of a suitcase. Not only that, you very quickly get to know what day it is just by looking at the evening menu in the restaurant. It’s the same every week. Steak and kidney pie? It must be Thursday.

A Home Of Your Own: A Corporate Rental in Vallejo, California

When you choose Vallejo corporate rentals you get to live in a home of your own. You can come and go as you please. You can buy whatever food you wish and have dinner at whatever time suits you. Go to the liquor store and buy some wine and it is a third the price of the same bottle in the hotel dining room. Need to do your laundry? Your apartment has a washing machine, tumble dyer, iron, and ironing board. Park your car in the car park: it’s free. Or if there isn’t a car park you can park it in the quiet residential street instead. Our properties come with free high-speed broadband and free long-distance calling.

What’s more, in our serviced properties all the cleaning etc., is done for you and it’s all at no extra charge. The rent that you pay includes everything except your own food and drink.

Of course, if you are only coming to Vallejo for a week or ten days then you might find staying in a hotel OK. However, if you are coming for any longer than that, then talk to us at Key Housing Connections and let us find you the perfect property.

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