Lompoc Is Not Well-Known, but It’s Great for Wine and Sky Diving!

Lompoc is not that well-known but is a great place to stay on business.

Lompoc California is located about an hour’s drive north of Santa Barbara. It is not nearly as famous, but if you’re looking for Lompoc, CA, corporate housing you can do no better. This is the California dream. Lompoc is not that well-known but is a great place to stay on business.If you’re lucky enough to be sent here, you don’t want to stay in some boring hotel. You want to stay in a home away from home, and we can help you discover Lompoc California.

Lompoc is a Chumash word, and it means “lagoon”. If you are going there you need to know that it is actually pronounced Lom – POKE. The city has a population of about 45,000 and is nestled in the hills of the California Central Coast.

If you are only going to Lompoc on business for two or three days, then there are several hotels in which you can stay, and a couple of motels as well. However, if you are going to stay for any longer the hotel option can become very tedious, and also very expensive. You would do far better to stay in Lompoc, CA, corporate housing which we can provide for you at Key Housing Connections. You will also be pleased to know that the Lompoc, CA corporate housing that we can let you have is pet friendly, so you can bring the dog, cat, parrot, gerbil, or whatever.

Plenty To Do On Your Days Off

Whatever your business, there are plenty of things to do in Lompoc on your days off. If you are a golfer, you are in for a treat because there are two great golf courses. The Mission Club is under new ownership and is now open to the public. It has stately oaks and mature pine trees on the course, and there is a great restaurant and bar with spectacular views. There is also La Purisima which is an 18-hole course designed by Robert Muir Graves which is visited by thousands of golfers each year, and has been called one of America’s best-designed courses.

Have you ever fancied sky diving? You can do that in Lompoc as well. There are three tandem jumps to choose from, starting with 8,000 feet which gives you 20 seconds of free fall. Then there is a 13,000-feet jump, or you can go all out and opt for the 18,000 feet jump which gives you 90 seconds of free fall. That is the highest drop anywhere in the US. To go any higher, you would have to be in the military or NASA!

If you are a wine buff you will love to stay in our Lompoc, CA, corporate housing because there are over 30 wine-tasting bars! Give us a call and let us know your requirements.

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