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Santa Ana in Southern California is a lovely community and is not far from Disneyland in Anaheim. Very often, corporate workers are assigned to Orange County and look for Santa Ana corporate rentals, but they are not easy to find. Corporate Housing in Santa AnaThis is because people who bring their children to Disneyland for a two-week break want to stay nearby, and Santa Ana is an obvious choice.

Indeed, according to the United States Census Bureau, Santa Ana is the fourth most densely populated city with a population of 300,000 or more (the population is about 335,000) in the whole of the US, with 12,471 people per square mile. That’s a lot of people! The population has actually more than doubled in the last 50 years, and almost 80% are Latino or Hispanic.

Santa Ana is the corporate headquarters of several companies, including Behr Paint, Corinthian Colleges, First American Corporation, Greenwood & Hall, Ingram Micro, The Orange County Register, Schools First Federal Credit Union, STEC, TTM Technologies, Kern’s, and Wahoo’s Fish Taco. It is also the regional headquarters of Xerox, T-Mobile, and Ultimate Software. All of this accounts for the fact that so many people are sent here on assignment. And, of course, it all contributes to the fact that finding Santa Ana corporate rentals is so difficult.

Key Housing Can Help Find Housing in Santa Ana

However, at Key Housing Connections we can help you. This is because we have been in the business of providing corporate rentals for very many years and we have built up a list of contacts in Santa Ana who have properties to let. Many of these are never advertised elsewhere, so you will never find them except through us.

The reason is that, looking at it from a property owner’s point of view, all he or she wants to do is to have the property filled on an ongoing basis so that steady rent is coming in all the time. They don’t want to go to all the hassle of advertising, meeting people who want to rent, organizing keys, and everything else that goes with renting out properties. All they want to do is to sit back and collect a rent check every month.

It follows that, provided we keep their properties filled, which we do, they are very happy to sit back and let us do the “donkey work”. And that is why we have Santa Ana corporate rentals available that you simply can’t find anywhere else. We have everything from one-bed apartments to large homes in some of the best districts of the city.

Let us know what you need, and we will find it for you.

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