Westlake Village Is Just West of Burbank and Great for an Assignment There

If you run a business that needs to deploy one or more of your staff to “movie town” Burbank for an extended assignment, you can always put them up in a hotel. Westlake Village is ideal if you need to be close to “movie town”.There are plenty of hotels in and around Burbank, but one of the problems is that they cost a small fortune. It is all right if you are sending a staff member to Burbank for a week or ten days, but even that is going to cost.

Fortunately, there are better solutions. One of these would be to talk to us at Key Housing Connections about Westlake Village serviced apartments and other Burbank California corporate housing options.

Westlake Village is indeed more like a village than a city, with a population of only 8,500, so almost everyone knows everyone else. It is very handy for driving into Burbank in the morning and is also only 9 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It also costs a lot less than it does to stay in the center of Burbank itself.

Other Advantages As Well

As an employer, you will find that there are other advantages to sending your staff to stay in Westlake Village serviced apartments. Cost aside, staying in a hotel for a week or so is fine for most people, but after that it becomes very tedious. You are living out of a suitcase in a small cramped room and everything is the same, week after week, after week. The restaurant menu doesn’t change. The bar prices are massive and so is the dinner menu. You have to pay extra for laundry, and in many cases parking, wi-fi, telephone calls – the list goes on. It can become very depressing staying in a hotel for any length of time.

Conversely, when you put your staff up in Westlake Village serviced apartments they are living much as they would at home. Everything is to hand, and it is all included in the cost. Your staff can come and go as they choose, buy whatever food they wish, do their laundry in the washing machine and tumble dryer, park their cars for free, and they can pop out to the liquor store and buy a bottle of vino or whatever they like at retail prices instead of hotel prices – and that’s a huge difference.

Furthermore, because they are living much as they normally do, not only is it costing your business a lot less, but they are going to be in much better spirits, so that when they arrive for work in the morning they will perform far better than if they had been cooped up in a hotel bedroom for weeks on end. It’s better for your staff and it’s better for your business.

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