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Santa Ana is a great city with a population of 340,000 and is convenient for the center of Orange County and convenient to Disneyland too.Santa Ana corporate housing. So whether you’re brought in by the allure of Disney or the allure of the $$ in Orange County’s “Silicon Valley”, you will need to find some corporate housing in Santa Ana for the duration of your stay.

Apart from Disneyland, there are lots of things to do in and around Santa Ana. The Lyon Air Museum is well worth a visit, with beautifully displayed WW2 aircraft and vehicles. There are several volunteer hosts, all former pilots, ready to explain anything.

Santa Ana Zoo is also worth a visit and is known for its’ huge collection of monkeys of all sorts, and a walk-through aviary. There is also a train ride, a carousel, and a playground for the kids. Then there is the Blinking Owl Distillery, which is not for the kids, but serves an amazing selection of cocktails. Everyone says how friendly the bartenders are, and you can get to do a tour of the distillery with the owner.

Main Place Mall Is Ideal For Shopping

If you want to go shopping, head for Main Place Mall. It has just about everything for everyone and there are lots of restaurants. It’ all undercover, so is cool in the summer, and keeps you dry when it’s raining. You can also see what life was like 100 years ago in Santa Ana by visiting Kellogg House which has some wonderful wood carving, and a blacksmith out at the back with antique farm equipment which makes for great photo opportunities.

If you have been posted to the city by your company, you will need to find some corporate housing in Santa Ana. It’s a big city, but it is also a very busy city: in fact, it is the fourth most densely populated city of over 300,000 inhabitants in the US, coming behind only New York, San Francisco, and Boston. That means that searching for corporate housing in Santa Ana can be a tough task, trying to find just the right property in the right part of the city.

However, at Key Housing we have a lot of contacts that we have built up over the years, and we have many apartments and houses that you won’t find anywhere else because of our reach. Having been in the business of letting corporate housing in the city for many years, our landlords know that we will keep their properties occupied, which is obviously what they want. This means that they don’t advertise them anywhere else because they don’t need to.

So for Santa Ana corporate housing, talk to us: we are sure to have what you require.

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