Corporate Housing in Coalinga is Available but is Hard to Find

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If you have been assigned to Coalinga the first thing you should do is Google it. It is not a very big city – in fact, many would call it a town, since it only has a population of about 15,000.Corporate housing in Coalinga.

Then there is its’ name. Yes, it looks a little strange, but derives from the fact that back in the 19th century we had steam locomotives and they used coal. This was mined from the northern foothills of Mount Diablo to the north, and the Southern Pacific Railroad Company established the site as a coaling station in 1888. They called it simply Coaling Station A. However, the small signs that indicated stations in those days often used abbreviations, and that is likely why it read COALINGA. Hence the name of the city today.

A Desert Climate in Coalinga, California

The city has a desert climate, being hot in the summer and with cool winters, together with very little rainfall, the average being just 8.25 inches a year. The main industries are oil, rather than coal, agriculture, and imprisonment, the city being home to Pleasant Valley State Prison (although the words “pleasant” and “prison” together do strike one as a little odd).

The city is also home to the Coalinga State Hospital which is the first new mental hospital in over 50 years in California and was opened in September 2005. The city was also one of the first to pass an Ordinance permitting the cultivation and distribution of cannabis in 2016.

On the weekend closest to November 21st every year, Coalinga hosts the WHAMOBASS balloon rally which is the longest running hot air balloon rally in the world. Typically, 40 balloons take off at dawn on the Saturday and Sunday. Coalinga also hosts the Horned Toad Derby over the three day Memorial Day weekend in late May and uses locally caught horned toads, which are actually lizards. It is similar to the Jumping Frog Jubilee in Calaveras County but uses lizards instead of frogs.

So yes, there is plenty of fun to be had in Coalinga, but if you need Coalinga corporate housing, that is not so easy to find. However, at Key Housing Connections, we do have all the right connections and can provide you with suitable Coalinga corporate housing accommodation, whatever your requirements.

Whether it is a short term stay or longer term, at Key Housing Connections we will find you the right Coalinga corporate housing for your needs. We have one-bedroom corporate suites, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom corporate rentals in prime residential neighborhoods, and also have some which are pet friendly so that you can bring your dog.

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