Need to Stay in Sacramento on Business? You May Need an “Extended Stay”

Accommodation in Sacramento, no matter how long you need to stay

“Extended stay” is a term often used for short-term rentals. Which is kind of strange, because extended means long, and short means, well, short. But no matter. If you’re looking for a short-term rental or an extended stay, we won’t get hung up on semantics.Accommodation in Sacramento, no matter how long you need to stay.

What is for sure is that if you need to come to Sacramento on business, whether it is for a short period or a longer one, what you don’t want to do is to live in a hotel. Well, OK, if it’s for a few days, perhaps that’s all right. But many people who come here on business may have to stay for several weeks or even months. Sometimes a year or two. And nobody wants to live in a hotel for that length of time for an extended stay in and around Sacramento.

Apart from anything else, think of the cost! OK, your company may be paying, but they won’t want to pay hotel prices for long periods either. Everything in a hotel is an “extra”. And boy, do they know how to charge! Some of them even charge for WiFi and parking! And then there are things like getting your laundry done.

You Need Corporate Housing in Sacramento

No, if you are looking for an extended stay in and around Sacramento, you need corporate housing. Ideally, a serviced apartment. This way you get the benefits of a hotel in that you don’t have to do the cleaning and all of that stuff, but at a lot less cost. And the corporate housing that we provide at Key Housing Connections comes with WiFi and a lot of other things included. That often includes parking, depending upon the situation of the housing.

Heck, some of our larger homes that we have available for an extended stay in and around Sacramento come with a pool. Some serviced apartments may have a gym. Our aim with corporate housing in Sacramento is to enable you to live as you usually live, coming and going as you please, and inviting friends around for dinner or a party if you wish, when you have got to know some of the locals.

You can go to the liquor store and buy your wine, beers, or spirits at shop prices. So, you don’t have to pay hotel bar rates. You can do your own laundry in your “own” home as you always do. Ideally, wherever you are working in or around Sacramento, you won’t have a long commute either. So, it’s off to the office in the morning, do a day’s work, and then come back to your own home. What could be better?

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