Santa Barbara Is Not a Cheap City, but It Is Spectacular

Santa Barbara is an amazing beach-side city

Rumor has it that when people come to Santa Barbara they literally gasp. It’s one of the most photogenic communities in California, especially the beach. Santa Barbara is an amazing beach-side city, and short term rentals are available.OK, it’s not the cheapest city in the world in which to live, but then if your company is paying for Santa Barbara corporate rentals near the beach, so what? You get to enjoy the best in Santa Barbara living, and it’s on the house!

In fact, at Key Housing Connections, in the past we have had people for whom we have arranged Santa Barbara corporate rentals near the beach, who have been coming near to the end of their assignment and have actually pleaded with their boss to be allowed to stay longer because there is “more work to do here on this assignment”! Most people who are sent away on business by their company can’t wait to get home again, but not when it’s Santa Barbara!

Not only that, but many Hollywood heavyweights are proud to call Santa Barbara home. They include Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg. So, if you pop down to Santa Barbara Fish Market or Trader Joe’s for a bit of shopping, you could find yourself standing next to one of them at the checkout.

Plenty To Do On Your Days Off

There are plenty of things to do in Santa Barbara on your days off too. There’s the Santa Barbara Zoo which covers 80 acres and houses over 160 different species. You can go on a kayak tour of Santa Barbara with an experienced guide, or maybe you would like an electric bike tour. You could go on a luxury car tour of the city which is only about $75 for a group of five people.

More expensive is a tour of the vineyards, but then you do get to drink a fair amount of wine along the way! Take a trip down to the harbor which is a city-owned marina with 1,149 berths for boats of all types and sizes. Or you might like Santa Barbara Natural History Museum featuring animatronic dinosaurs, or perhaps the Maritime Museum.

There are also lots of parks and beaches. In addition, there are festivals and parades including the Summer Solstice Parade which draws up to 100,000 people, and the International Film Festival in January which pulls in around 50,000. If you like surfing, then there is a lot of that in the winter months too.

So, if all this tickles your fancy and you need Santa Barbara corporate rentals near the beach, give us a call and let us know what you want.

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