Norwalk Is a City Southeast of Los Angeles With a Population of 105,000

Norwalk is a city in Los Angeles County that lies 17 miles Southeast of Los Angeles and has a population of 105,000. It might not have the “brand” recognition of Encino, Santa Clara, or Santa Monica, but it’s a pretty nice town.Norwalk California short term housing.

In fact, quite a number of people get sent to Norwalk for business purposes. There are a few notable companies that have a base here, such as Costco, Target, Walmart, Prudential California Realty, and so on, who often have people visiting them.

If you have to come to a company here on business, it may very well be that you need short term housing in Norwalk, CA, and at Key Housing Connections we can help you with that.

We provide short term housing for visitors to cities throughout California and have been doing so since 1992. That’s before Google, Twitter, and Yahoo were born! We believe in a concept we call “taking the high road.” In other words, we work very hard to make certain every contact with our company is a positive one. We are a friendly bunch, and our determination is to see to it that every single customer gets exactly what he or she wants when they want it.

A Choice of Accommodation in Norwalk

If you are looking for short term housing in Norwalk, CA, we can provide you with a one-bed apartment, a two-bed apartment, or a three-bed. Alternatively, you might require a four-bedroom home with a pool and parking. You might also want a home that is pet-friendly if you are going to bring Fido or Kitty, and we can help you with that, too, because many of our property owners are happy to let renters bring their pets.

Of course, if you are only going to stay in Norwalk for two or three days, then the answer is a hotel. But when it gets longer than that, a hotel is not only less appealing, but it also works out as more expensive.

Not all of the people who are looking for short term housing in Norwalk, CA, come here on business. It may well be that you are planning on moving to the city and decide to do what more and more people do these days. That is to rent a home in the area in order to get a feel for it, before deciding to purchase.

It makes sense, because you can check out the local schools, the transport, the shops, parks, and, of course, the local people. This will give you an idea of whether you would wish to stay in a particular area on a permanent basis.

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