Key Housing Connections Can Help You With Short-Term Housing in Vallejo

Key Housing can help find short-term housing across California

If your company assigns you to California on business, it may well be the case that you need short-term housing. That can mean anything from a couple of weeks to several months, or even a year or two. Key Housing can help find short-term housing across CaliforniaIf it is only for a trip of a few days, then you can stay in a hotel, but any longer than that and you want something that you can call a home of your own. You don’t want to be stuck in a cramped hotel room for weeks on end!

So, for instance, you might need Vallejo, CA, short-term housing, but you really don’t know where to start looking. OK, you can enter “Vallejo, CA, short-term housing” in Google and you may come up with a handful of results. Then again, you may not. Short-term housing in California can be hard to find because there is a huge demand for it.

This is because so many people have to work in the State on a temporary basis. Particularly down in Silicon Valley. But lots of other places as well. Oakland, for instance. If, say, you have to work in Oakland (population 425,000) for three months, it can be hard to find the sort of property that you need because lots of other people also want the same thing.

Only A Half-Hour Drive from Oakland

So, you might choose to look for Vallejo, CA, short-term housing, because it is a smaller city and only a half-hour drive from Oakland anyway. Perfect – if you can find the property you need. One bed? Two beds? Three? Apartment? House with yard and pool? Dog friendly? Suddenly things can start to look very tricky.

This is precisely why those “in the know”, as it were, will contact us at Key Housing Connections because we have been providing visitors to California with short-term housing for the last 30 years. Put simply, we have properties to rent short term that you won’t find anywhere else. And the reason that you won’t is because they are not advertised anywhere else.

Put yourself in the shoes of a property owner in, say, Vallejo, who wants to rent it out for short term lets. This is because short term lets can generate more income than long term. Fair enough.

However, at the same time you don’t want all the hassle of advertising, cleaning, arranging broadband, repairing a washing machine that happens to go wrong – you get the idea.

So, you hand all that hassle over to us at Key Housing because we take care of all that. Then you just sit back and collect your rent check each month. Simple.

And that is why we have short term rental properties across California that you cannot find anywhere else.

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