Oakland Is Not as Big as San Francisco, but the Locals Call It Numero Uno!

Oakland serviced apartments

Oakland is a “hidden jewel” in the Bay Area. It’s long suffered in San Francisco’s shadow, but Bay Area natives know it is the home to the best jazz in the Bay Area, the best coffee, and even the best barbeque. If you’re lucky enough to be assigned here, let our experts at Key Housing help you find Oakland short term corporate housing.

We can also point out the things to do and the cultural attractions that make the Bay Area’s second city “Numero Uno” among savvy locals. And there’s another big benefit of Oakland too: no fog!! Across the Bay, in SF there is always the issue of fog. But not in Oakland! It’s sunny, warm, and bright.

Although it is the “second city” Oakland still has quite a large population of around 430,000 people, so it’s not exactly a baby. There is a lot going on here, and many people visit for a few weeks or even months on assignment and search for Oakland short term corporate housing.

So Much Better To Live In Your “Own” Property

It is so much better living in your “own” property for weeks or months than living in a hotel for the same length of time. When you have private accommodation, you can make it as near to your own home as you can get, which you can’t do in a cramped and boring hotel bedroom. You can choose what to have for dinner each day, rather than being restricted to a hotel menu – and going out and buying your own food and cooking it is a lot less expensive than paying hotel prices. And if you fancy a tipple, you can pop down to the liquor store and pay retail rather than the extraordinarily inflated prices that hotels charge. You have the freedom to come and go as you please.

At Key Housing we can find you the Oakland short-term corporate housing that you need, whether that’s a one-bed serviced apartment, two-bed, three-bed, or a separate house. All of our properties are located in prime Oakland residential districts and come with fully fitted kitchens, designer furnishings, fresh bedding, washer/dryers, high-speed broadband, cable TV, parking, housekeeping, and parking. Some also have access to swimming pools, gyms, and hot tubs. You can also bring your pets in many of our properties, as long as you are happy to pay deposits and “pet rent”.

So if you are assigned to Oakland and need short term accommodation, just head over to our home page and scroll through the list of cities until you come to Oakland. Fill in your details and requirements and let us find you the perfect home.

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