Santa Ana Is Often Visited by Europeans Who Need Accommodation

Key Housing has furnished rentals available in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana is a city in California that is about 32 miles south-east of Los Angeles, and as such is often visited by Europeans who come to work in Los Angeles for a few months or even a year, but who don’t want to live in the big city itself.Key Housing has furnished rentals available in Santa Ana Santa Ana is quite large, with a population of 335,000, but is not as “busy” as it is in LA, which is the reason so many people choose it.

Of course, that means that most of those people want Santa Ana furnished rentals as opposed to being cooped up in a tiny hotel bedroom for months at a time. If you are only visiting somewhere for a week or two, a hotel is fine. It is not too hard living out of a suitcase for a couple of weeks, and even if you don’t like a particular hotel very much it is still only a couple of weeks, so you can put up with it.

However, any longer than that and things start to get very repetitive. The restaurant menu is the same every week, and you can tell what day it is by looking at it! Furthermore, everything is so expensive. They are all “extras”. Bed and breakfast, yes, but everything else costs money. As for the bar prices – well, let’s not even go there.

The Solution Is Furnished Rentals

So the solution is Santa Ana furnished rentals, but then again, the problem is finding them. Hotels are easy to find because they are advertised everywhere. However, furnished accommodation is often not advertised. So you can only go on what you can find online or in the local papers. That is, unless you come to us at Key Housing.

We have Santa Ana furnished rentals available that you won’t find anywhere else for the simple reason they are not advertised. You might wonder why that would be: why would we have accommodation that you can’t find anywhere else?

It’s a fair question, but the answer is actually quite simple, and it all has to do with cost and continuing income. When you look at it from a property owner’s point of view, he or she wants to keep their rental property full all the time because that means ongoing income.

At Key Housing, we have been in the business for so long that we have a long list of property owners across California who only let their properties through us. That’s because we keep them filled. And that’s why you won’t find them advertised anywhere else because the owners simply don’t need to advertise.


So for furnished accommodation in Santa Ana come and talk to us and let us find you the perfect match.

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