Palo Alto Short Term Rentals Bring You to Stanford’s Doorstep

Palo Alto invented the garage. No, that’s not quite right, Palo Alto invented inventing in the garage. Hewlett and Packard are the pair who started the in-the-garage “meme” as it were, and Jobs and Wozniak are the most famous examples of carrying the torch forward. Thus from the humblest beginnings began the dizzying catapult to success and wealth that is Silicon Valley. Now, Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, and it may Palo Alto Corporate Housingbe that the only Palo Alto short term rentals you can find are in garages… To avoid that fate, partner with Key Housing when doing your hunt for Palo Alto short term rentals. You don’t want to have to stress over housing–you want to concentrate on your business. Working with Key Housing to find Palo Alto short term rentals, all that is taken care of for you. You can put all your brain power into work, and leave the house-hunting to us!

Palo Alto Short Term Rentals Give Proximity to Stanford

Palo Alto is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, a fact that a number of cities claim. For all its vast reputation, the actual size of Silicon Valley is not so impressive. All the famous places you’ve heard about–Cupertino, Mountain View, Santa Clara–are all crunched together between the hills and the bay. But Palo Alto has one thing that the other don’t: Stanford. The college is known for the entrepreneurial spirit of both the faculty and the students (does the name Google ring a bell?), so access to the brain-power on the campus is a definite plus. But until such time as when you get tenure at Stanford, you won’t won’t want to be buying a house in Palo Alto. This is where Palo Alto Short term rentals come in handy. Just move into a short term rental for as long or short a time as you

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